Born in Dana Point, CA and raised in Phoenix, AZ, Bryan McGowan's journey to fulfill his dreams led him to The City of Angels. His ability to capture character subtleties and fully perpetuate himself in his performances were refined at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles, CA. 


After three years of studying theatre history, several different acting techniques, being training classically, and performing with the conservatorys theatre company, Bryans abilities and talent had grown exponentially. But knowing that an actors training never ends, he has continued in classes throughout the seven years he has resided in Los Angeles. 


Though his ambitions lie within the acting realm, Bryan maintains his playful and active side through his other passions which include surfing, skateboarding, dancing, stage combat and music. His talents in these, among others, have led him to land guest stars and lead roles on several television shows, films, and plays. Bryans close connection to family and friends have led him to lead a balanced lifestyle, and their support fuels the actor to continue his journey and reach his goals in his career and in life. His motivation for acting springs from the desire to be able to move the audience emotionally and provoke thought so that they too may be inspired to create and pursue their own dreams. Bryan is currently involved in projects with Universal Studios. 

2010 - present

2010 - present

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